Dima - Official  FERMACELL Distributor

Via Masaccio, 5 - 20063 Cologno Monzese - Milan

phone 0039 02 92405 70  fax 0039 02 92490 92



Dima is the official distributor of plaster fibre plates in Italy and it commercializes the whole range of Fermacell products that you can find near our points of sale. 


With Fermacell products walls, ceilings and dry footings can be realized  in all the types of building.


From over 30 years in Europe, today Xella - branch of the German multinational group HEBEL- can boast innumerable realizations that prove day after day the excellent quality of  Fermacell's constructions.


Residences, industrial constructions, administrative buildings, schools, hospitals or hotels: a taller and taller number of buyers, planners and decision-makers exploit the consulting and assistance services that DIMA S.r.l. offers in cooperation with the specialized Fermacell technicians to plan and to perform the dry construction's interventions of high quality. These are advantages that only strong and competent partners are able to offer.    



range of fermacell products